“The 2016 Miss Tourism Journey”

The search for Miss Tourism Uganda 2016 is in high gear as representatives from different regions in Uganda are preparing for the finals, when the winner will be crowned. Miss tourism Uganda has been in existence for three years was initiated and commissioned by the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon Maria Mutagamba. Therefore […]

“Bird strikes pose big disasters to air transport” 

A bird strike is a collision between an airborne creature and an aircraft. It is sometimes called bird ingestion where an engine is involved or just a bird aircraft strike hazard. Bird strikes pose significant threats to flight safety and may result to accidents and delays of flights.  During take-off, birds may get sucked or […]

Reduced taxes can trigger air travel number in East Africa

Air travel from 2015 to date in the region has reported an estimated 11% growth. This can’t go unnoticed especially at the backdrop of choking taxes. What then can be done to further harness this growth? The recent reduction of taxes by the Austrian government to passengers and airlines should be a learning case for […]

“Bird Expo comes to town”

It will be the first of its kind in Africa, and from the 18th -20th of Nov will run in the Entebbe botanical gardens. The African Bird Expo. Entebbe is located on the Lake Victoria peninsula approximately 37 kilometres south west of Kampala. In the colonial days, Entebbe was the seat of protectorate government. Today […]

Who is flying in the East African airspace?

Local and foreign airlines fly daily from the various airports connecting people within the region and the international world. Some of the countries with in the great lakes region are land locked making air travel the best way they can connect to the rest of the world. Many airlines fly in, around and out of […]

Uganda Aviation School passes out graduands

Uganda Aviation School (UAS) held its 4th graduation ceremony on 14th/10/2016 at Protea hotel, Kampala. The school was established in 2011 and has since passed students for the aviation industry. While passing the 36 graduates, the CEO of the institution Kaizi Suzan, encouraged the students to be aggressive in chasing the dream they have natured […]

“The sky isn’t the limit for RwandAir”

​The Airline that began operations on 1st/Dec/2002 has experienced tremendous growth in revenue, passengers, fleet and network. This was at a time when the nation was recovering from the worst atrocities of genocide. It is state owned and managed by an independent body that is established and monitored by the government.  The airline which hails […]